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Resume for Jeffrey Hilgaertner

Professional Safety Manager

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I have been doing Safety Management for over 30 years.  Over the years, I have grown to see myself more as a Safety "Coach" rather than a Safety "Cop". I truly believe that given the right tools and motivation, workers can be coached to be Safety Champions in their own environment.
You will find me to be friendly and engaging, with the ability to interface well with people, from all levels of management and the workforce.  I pride myself for my ability to communicate and achieve buy-in from all.
I currently live in Chandler (a suburb of Phoenix,) Arizona.

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My skills have matured in my 30 plus years in Safety Management.  With every project  I complete, I have been able to add "arrows" to my "quiver".



Demolition Safety is meticulously planned and executed.  All players in an operation must be aligned.  As the Safety Manager on many Demolition projects, I am responsible for ensuring that the individual tradesmen have a well written safety plan, the proper Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) has been completed and reviewed, and that execution is done in a consistent and compliant manner.  This photo is from the demolition of a coal-fired power plant near Pittsburgh, PA, where I performed Safety Manager duties.  This work involved multiple crane-lifts, high-angle work from ropes, work from man-baskets and traditional demolition techniques.  All work was performed without incident or injury to workers.




Surface mining presents hazards unique to the industry.  Super-heavy equipment, constantly changing conditions and work safety being done under MSHA as well as keeping the requirements of OSHA in play are but some of the challenges that I have successfully help my employer and workers manage.
This photo is of the North Brighton Mine in Utah, where I managed the safety of multiple teams over many years.  These teams performed various environmental remediated tasks, including well drilling and development and civil remediation construction of wetlands. Other mining projects I have managed safety include the North Maybe mine in New Mexico, Resolution Mine in Arizona and UMETCO mine site in Hot Springs Arkansas.

High Rise Construction


Managing Safety for the construction of multi-story residential buildings has become one of my most important skills. It take the ability to see the big picture and apply safety concepts that may apply across all trades on a given project. fall Protection is not the only skill that needs to be at its best, but hazard recognition, concrete safety, electrical safety and most other safety disciplines are used every day.

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I enjoy what I do, and value what I bring to the table.  My experience helps today's "young" workers become tomorrow's "seasoned" workers, And today's "seasoned" workers into tomorrow's LEADERS.

Civil Remediation and Construction

Environmental remediation is big business across the globe.  Bringing in a level of skill and experience, My Safety management abilities are especially important when these heavy Civil jobs are being performed.  Hazardous Waste and other chemicals need to be managed in a way to ensure worker safety and environmental excellence.  That is where I achieve some of my best results.

This photo is from a reservoir remediation and restoration.  The work involved dredging, pumping and sludge remediation in Spring Creek, CA


Environmental Drilling

Much of environmental remediation involves groundwater that must be accessed by drilling.  I manage Safety on these types of projects through writing Health & Safety Plans, vetting the subcontractors to be used, by evaluating their Safety statistics, past performances, and ensuring the proper safety planning and analysis is done.  On-site auditing is done an any projects lasting more than a few weeks.  This auditing checks for compliance with established plans and safety procedures, as well as finds opportunities to improve and examples of positive techniques that can be brought to other projects.
In this photo, I am performing an audit of the drillers execution of their duties on a project in Northern CA.

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Qualifications and Training


I am a Certified Construction Safety Technologist (CHST), Certified Hazardous Material Manager (CHMM), OSHA 500 Outreach Trainer, an Approved MSHA Part 48 Trainer, and qualified to teach OSHA 1910.120, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response  (HazWOPER).

General Industry

I am a skilled trainer and coach.  I am very well versed in OSHA 1910 and the requirements in the Industrial Market.  I provide training for General Industry Safety (OSHA 501), Forklift Operation, Confined Space Entry, Working from Heights, Fire Extinguisher use, Respiratory Protection, Electrical Safety  and many other necessary and prudent industry safety training courses.


Construction Safety is a critical component for any successful Construction Company.  I ensure that the team remains compliant with the OSHA 1926 requirements and other important safety requirements.  I provide OSHA 500 training for both 10 hour and 30 hour Construction Safety Training. I teach Excavation Safety, Confined Space Entry, Heavy Equipment Safety, Electrical Safety, Hazardous Material and Waste Safety.


I am an MSHA approved Trainer in Part 48, Surface mining.  I am qualified and authorized by MSHA to teach new and experienced miners about surface mining safety, and other safety-related subjects.  I have worked at mine sites across the Country, including Florida, Arkansas, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona.  Projects have included radiation Safety requirements, well drilling, water processing and discharge, Environmental remediation and mine site restoration


Teaching and training are some of my most favorite things I do.  I am consistently praised for my skills and the rapport I develop with the workers I train.  I develop clear and insightful training programs and deliver them in an engaging way.


New Safety professionals are an important resource to develop in any industry.  I enjoy passing on my safety insight, techniques and "tricks of the trade" to workers who have just entered the field, or have only a few years experience.  I have also found that even the safety professional such as myself can learn and benefit greatly from other professional's experience and wisdom.  One never stops learning new skills and approaches.

Team Building

A project is completed by a team.  No single person can be responsible for all aspects of a job, from business development, to engineering, to personnel management, to project management and into the everyday tasks of the workers in the field.  I pride myself on my ability to effectively communicate messages to all team members across the board.  Bringing messages of upper management into the field, and helping field staff bring their messages to upper management is often an important role as a safety manager since we must operate in both worlds.

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Professional History

My Employment

10-2003 to 5-2022

Safety Manager, Jacobs Engineering

Regional Health & Safety Manager, US.

Implement Corporate Safety policy to all assigned projects.  Provide safety leadership, support, training and guidance to multiple projects and programs throughout the US. 

Interface, coach and coordinate with project managers to ensure the required safety culture transcends the field and gets supported in the planning and managing phases of each project. 

Projects include many different soil and groundwater remediation projects, various construction and demolition projects.  Duties include indirect and direct project and subcontractor oversight of certain high-risk projects, review and acceptance of subcontractor performance and safety submittals, the creation of Site-specific Health & Safety plans and other project-specific safety documentation.  Perform Task Safety Analysis for upcoming works and root-cause analysis when incidents occur.

Provide Industrial Hygiene interface and support, working with IH personnel to implement sampling plans, and personnel monitoring for chemical and noise exposures based upon established requirements.

Provide leadership, guidance and coaching to multiple site safety-coordinators, working projects throughout the US.  Ensure proper techniques are being used by in field safety coordinators to ensure proper safety procedures are in place.  Champion proper Safety Culture among all teams across the portfolio assigned to me.  Audit results of efforts in the field to ensure safety compliance.  Provide real-time feedback as needed to teams to assist with their safety challenges.

6-1988 through 10-2003

Safety Manager, Raytheon Corporation

From 2-1997 through 10-2003 I was assigned to the position of Health and Safety Manager, JACADS, Johnston Atoll—To provide full-time, on-site, H&S oversight and support for the Decontamination and Demolition of a prototype Chemical Weapon Destruction facility. I Implemented safety plans to decontaminate and demolish an entire facility formerly contaminated with Chemical warfare agents.  Later, oversaw efforts to remove all structures on the remote atoll, including asbestos and lead containing building materials.

From 2-1993 through 2-1997 I was assigned to serve as the HSE Manager, for Raytheon Service Company, Irvine, CA where I provided full-time HSE management to a 250 person military equipment repair facility.  I was responsible for all aspects of Environmental management, including permitting, and hazardous waste.  I was responsible for all efforts of Health and Safety management, including workers compensation.

From 6-1988 through 2-1993, I served as the site Environmental & Safety Coordinator, at Raytheon Company, Santa Barbara, CA.  I was responsible for implementation of E,H&S policy for a 2000 employee electronics manufacturing facility in Santa Barbara, CA.

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Professional History

Project Experience

Safety Manager, Jacobs Eng, 
GETG Project, Cushing, OK

Health and Safety Manager,

 Provide on-site safety support to soil and waste water remediation project at a former refinery site in Cushing Oklahoma.  Duties include oversite of all safety efforts, subcontractor review, approval and oversite , Health and Safety Plan creation and implementation, review and approve of subcontractor safety efforts, plans and safety analysis.  Provide support to Project Manager, Construction manager and site supervision

Health & Safety Manager, Jacobs Eng
Confidential Client Program HSM, Various US & Canada Locations

Provide H&S support for various projects within the client portfolio.  Projects include Mine Water management, groundwater remediation, site closures, soil capping, river restoration, wetland restoration and Large Construction and demolition projects and General H&S oversight.  Duties include creation of comprehensive Health & Safety Plans, review and approval of subcontractor qualifications and plans, H&S support for field personnel in regards to all tasks being performed onsite.  Review and approval of work plans and other site plans.  Audit to ensure compliance with Client, Federal, State, Local and Company requirements

Jacobs Eng, Project Health & Safety Manager, Mosaic Hooker’s Prairie Demolition Project, Tampa Bay, FL

Perform H&S oversight and management duties for project involving the demolition, cleanup and remediation of former gypsum mine site.  Duties included H&S Plan generation, work plan review, and oversight of contracted Safety Professional, personal air monitoring plans and implementation, site monitoring plans and implementation, subcontractor safety plan approvals, site auditing to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and standards.

Jacobs Eng,
Project Health & Safety Manager, NOVA Chemical Plant Demolition Project, Monaca, PA

Perform H&S oversight and management duties for Coal-fired power plant project involving the demolition, cleanup and remediation at an active chemical factory.  Duties include H&S Plan generation, work plan review, abatement plan review and oversight, personal air monitoring plans and implementation.  Also included; direct subcontractor oversight of certain high-risk demolition activities such as piping systems removal, multi-story structure demolition, contaminated structure decon and demo, vessel demolition, review and approval of site monitoring plans and implementation, subcontractor safety plan approvals, site auditing to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and standards.

I would like you to know more about my experiences. Please go to for a more complete project list and more about my professional journey.

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My Schooling

March 2022 - Current

Columbia Southern University

I am currently pursuing a degree in Occupational Safety & Health at Columbia Southern University.  I believe that education should never stop and enjoy adding this education to my life.

June 1996- August 1998

University of Phoenix

I attended the University of Phoenix in pursuit of a degree in Business Management.  While I took many courses, over 2 years, I ultimately decided to temporarily put my pursuit on hold in order to focus on my safety career..

January 1988 - June 1990

University of California Extension, Santa Barbara, CHMM

I was part of the first graduating class in the Hazardous Materials Management program.  A program given at night and weekends designed for working professionals

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"With Safety and Efficiency, Production Happens."

Mark Lewis, Highly Respected Co-worker

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1369 E Canyon Way, Chandler, AZ  85249


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